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  • A Board
  • Candidate Poster
  • AK Party Flag
  • Aluminium frame
  • Vehicle Convoy Flag
  • Vehicle Indoor Flag
  • As  Flag Istanbul
  • Military Flagpole
  • Bust of Atatürk
  • Atatürk Corner Barriers

As Flag Istanbul

As Bayrak continues to create employment, contribute to production and grow. We are in Kozyatagi / Kadikoy to provide better service to Istanbul with our wide range of products. We produce; flag, pennant, cloth bag, Turkish Flag, Ataturk poster, Advertising Flag, Indoor Flag, swallow flag, table flag, colorful cloth bag, gabardine cloth bag, raw cloth bag, cloth banner, Outdoor Flag, pole […]


Cloth Bag

Raw Cloth Bag Sizes We can make any desired dimensions in raw cloth bags, however, the standard dimensions are as follows. 25 × 35 cm - 32 × 40 cm - 40 × 45 cm - Begging Size Raw Tote Bag Pricing If you want to get your raw tote bag without any pressure on it, pricing is determined by your size. But if you want to have the raw cloth bag printed […]


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